General Hospital Spoilers : Jan 4 – 8

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General Hospital Spoilers   Jan 4   8 soapsabcghspoiler thumb jpg General Hospital Spoilers, week of January 4th to 8th

Franco kidnaps 3 women. It’s going to be up to Jason and Dominic to save these 3 women and bring Franco down. Could they?

Michael is in trouble. In very deep trouble. When he’s in trouble, he’s just like his mother, no?

Lucky overhears a confession. And I mean the really BIG confession.

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Franco kidnaps Sam and Carly. Jason will have to work harder to save the two most important. But I guess 2 women are not enough for Franco coz Lulu gets kidnapped too. Dominic is now part of the rescue of course. Could Jason and Dominic save the 3 women and bring down Franco once and for all? Well, James Franco’s guest appearance should be over soon so we’ll see if Guza kills Franco or keep him alive for future appearances. What do you think?

Michael’s guilt over Claudia’s death is eating him up inside. He is in very deep trouble. He’s going to start talking eventually. It’s a matter of to whom. Sonny? Carly? or the Cops?

Nikolas will be telling someone how he loves Liz and that he slept with her. Lucky pretty much overhears the whole thing. Poor guy. What is he going to do now?

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