General Hospital Spoilers: February 1 – 5

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General Hospital Spoilers  February 1   5 soapsabcghspoiler thumb4 jpg General Hospital Spoilers, week of February 1st to 5th.

The Dominic shooting aftermath shakes Port Charles.

The Lulu and Sonny confrontation is a MUST watch. I think we’ll find out who’s side Lulu is taking this time around.

Trouble ahead at Jacks’ household as well.

Sonny is really in huge trouble this time too. Dominic is a real pain in his arse just like a real kid is to a parent. Oh wait, he is his kid, hah.

Michael is definitely not helping.

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Dominic/Dante lives. He might wish he didn’t after he found out his own Father shot him. Now he’s in a position really nail Sonny with Claudia’s murder and the fact that he shot a Cop. Will he tell the police who shot him though?

Liz can thank her stars for now because Lulu might have found another person to verbally attack. And that’s Sonny. Oh Yeah, Lulu lays it all down on Sonny. Who cares if he’s the Mob Boss and he could possibly ordered her dead. Lulu is not afraid of that. I actually like Lulu with Dante. They have something genuine going on so maybe that’s why Lulu is not taking Sonny’s side anymore. Screw it, right Luke?

Carly is not a happy camper either after finding out that Jax knew all along that Dominic was a cop and that he’s actually working on the side himself to put the Sonny behind bars. She and kids move out and moves into……. oh we shall see…

Sonny has two things to worry about right now. The Claudia murder, and that little thing about shooting Dante. Is his son going to turn him in to the Police? Jason and Carly tells him he should leave Port Charles behind. Yeah, like that would really happen. To make everything more complicated, Michael babbles to his siblings Kristina, Morgan and Molly that he is the one who killed Claudia.

Of course Elizabeth has to be a center of attention too coz there’s another meltdown in the hospital.

Robin can’t possibly be left behind either coz she’s pissed at Patrick for not telling her about Dante which he knew a long time ago. Yeah, thanks a lot Hubby!

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