General Hospital Spoilers : December 21 – 25

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General Hospital Spoilers   December 21   25 soapsabcghspoiler thumb2 jpg General Hospital Spoilers, week of December 21st to 25th

Jason and Sam profess their love.

Carly meets Franco. Oohhhh.

It’s Natalia Livingston’s last week in Port Charles.

It’s Christmas parties week.

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Well, first and foremost, Jason and Sam tell each other “I Love You”. Hallelujah and Merry Christmas to all JaSam fans.

Jason, Spinelli and Lucky discover that Franco has done a lot of bad stuff in Europe. And when I say bad stuff, I mean murder. Well those 3 better hurry up because Franco and Carly are going to cross paths. Franco is not about to let that opportunity of getting through Jason via his BFF, Carly.

Rebecca leaves Port Charles. Is she going to leave Nikolas and Liz a ticking bomb? Meaning their affair behind Lucky’s back. A familiar face will show up as well so don’t miss this week or don’t blink for that matter.

Luke refuses to celebrate Christmas with his children if Nikolas is part of it. Meanwhile, Sonny want to spend his Christmas with all his children. I don’t know about all of them but one  will be there. Except doesn’t know he is his kid. Not yet anyway.

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