General Hospital Spoilers : December 14 – 18

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General Hospital Spoilers   December 14   18 soapsabcghspoiler thumb1 jpg General Hospital Spoilers, week of December 14th to 18th

Dominic is this close to nailing Sonny.

Lulu finds herself in the middle of the Jason and Franco disaster.

Spinelli and Carly cross paths with Franco.

Liz tries to keep Rebecca quiet.

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Dominic gets more proof showing Sonny’s involvement with Claudia’s murder. He might even use Michael to get more, but will he discover Michael’s involvement in it? If that isn’t enough, he also discovers Franco’s curricular activities. Yah know, like killing people for his art.

If that’s not enough, Lulu gets herself in the middle of the whole Franco and Jason situation. Dominic and Jason will have to find a way to stop Franco from his reign of terror.

Spinelli thinks confronting Franco regarding his tryst with Maxine is a good idea, I guess. Carly finally crosses path with Franco. Good or bad? I’m actually excited about it..hehe.

Liz will try to keep Rebecca from spilling her secret to Lucky. But what happens when Rebecca and Lucky play pool at Jake’s?

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