General Hospital Spoilers : August 31 – September 4

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General Hospital Spoilers, week of August 31st to September 4th.

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The teens are back home. What would the parents do? Will the teens be punished? What would the evil stepmother do?

Jason and Sam are still awkward towards each other. Expect for an unlikely person to be the one pushing them to be together.

Edward Quartermaine gets a storyline. Woohooo!

A new tragic event is looming. GH writers loves disasters, don’t they? This time around, it involves a carnival. Get ready for the ride of your life!

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Michael and Kristina are back in Port Charles. How will Sonny and Alexis handle Kristina running Claudia off of the road? We all know Sonny’s parenting skills are a doozy, so it’ll be up to Alexis, right? If it was up to Sonny, Kristina will probably get her a new car and shopping spree in Paris. Or maybe Sonny will step up this time and be a real parent.  What about Claudia? She’ll act all casual and well-behaved but she’s got something brewing for Kristina and you can bet on that. The question is, will it send Kristina to her own comatose stage ala Michael?

Jason and Sam are also back in PC. It’s time to deal with their feelings. They do get close but they’ll back off as well. Maxie and Spinelli will try to help them get back together. Carly will help out too. WHUUUUUUUT?? Yes, Carly will help Jason and Sam get back together. Carly may have been wacky during the time Jason and Sam were together but like she told Liz before, Jason was happy with Sam. So now it’s up to BFF Carly to make sure Jason and Sam get their happily ever after, part 2. *Cross my fingers*.

Andrea has another headache added to the Robin and Patrick problem. Someone witnessed what happened at Brianna Hughes’ murder. Of all people, it’s Edward Quartermaine. Andrea will have to think of creative ways to keep him quiet. Knowing Edward, Andrea is going to have her work really hard for it.

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