General Hospital September 2009 Carnival Promo

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If you watched the dismal production of 36th Daytime Emmy Awards on Sunday aired on CW Network, then you saw the promo of General Hospital carnival disaster storyline ad nauseum. Here it is again. Just in case it’s your first time to see it, enjoy!


A lot of rumors are going on about who’s dying, who’s injured, which actress and actor are getting the ax, which dead character is coming back to raise hell in Port Charles, yah know, the usual.

Don’t expect anything major because it is in GH’s tradition to feature an elaborate disaster storyline and then take us into a journey of whodunnit for months then end up with a disappointing  and nonplussed ending to shut the “case” down.

But in any case, at least GH rushed to finish a Carnival scene at the end of the Summer. It’s usually the time when Summer Fairs pack their stuff up to hibernate for the Fall and Winter season. Just in the nick of time I guess.