General Hospital Recaps : December 7

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General Hospital Recaps, December 7th, Monday

General Hospital Recaps   December 7 20070424 cob w38 517 thumb jpg Sonny and Olivia were having a nice and intimate dinner until it was rudely interrupted by Dominic. Olivia ran out of there like a bat out of hell which irritated Sonny. He was a little ticked off at Dominic for ruining his progress. Of course, Sonny has no idea that Dominic is his son with Olivia. That’s why the latter acted all weird after seeing Dominic.

Carly was feeling all broken down in regards to Michael. Gone are the days when she could actually tell Michael not to do things even though the kid-Michael would still do it, at least Carly had the confidence to tell him no. This time, Michael is not acting at all remorseful about killing a human being. Granted it was Claudia, he should still feel something. Carly is also pressured by Lucky into telling him the truth. Carly acted all insulted that Lucky couln’t give her or Michael break knowing all the bad things that Claudia has done to them. Plus, they’re cousins too. I mean they may not be that close but at least they’re still family. Frankly, I’m not surprised at all that PCPD cares more about solving Claudia’s murder than solving all the other unjustifiable crimes done in Port Charles. But, that’s soaps so we’ll deal with it.

Anyhooo, after listening to his wife worries, Jax went to Sonny with a hidden recording device. Jax was able to record Sonny incriminating himself in the murder of Claudia. I guess this will help save Michael in the end. However, do you think Carly would let Jax send Sonny to prison? Probably not. Another clash on the Carly & Jax marriage.

Unbeknownst to Jason and Sam while thee were tinkering in Franco’s studio is that they were being watched. But of course. Sam and Jason argued for a bit on who this Franco is. In the end, they concluded that Franco and the vagrant who gave Jason the wave are the same person. Sam warned Jason that if Franco made all these effort then he’s ready, and he knows a lot about him. Jason decided to wait in the studio to confront Franco.

Liz felt sick after doing it with Nikolas. Well not sick, I mean she enjoyed the tryst. But she wanted it all to end. Unfortunately for her, Rebecca saw them. The scorned woman ended up drinking and babbled to Ethan how he was right that Nikolas is a scoundrel. Lucky meanwhile was telling Nikolas that Liz declined the offer to end their engagement. Liz wants to go through with their future plans. Nikolas was caught off-guard with the new info.

Rebecca paid Liz a visit. Liz  was reading books to her children when Rebecca arrived. The latter started talking about stories in a castle. Particularly one owned by Nikolas. She then asked Liz to finish the story for the kids. Oooh.

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