General Hospital Recaps : December 14

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General Hospital Recaps : December 14th Monday

General Hospital Recaps   December 14 81027A1 FRANCO J BGR jpgFranco continues to be a mystery and continues to be a pain in the neck for Jason. The Mob Enforces is left to want to know more about Franco, while Franco wants to know what really makes Jason tick. Well, they can take as long as they want.

Spinelli, always the impulsive one actually thought he could confront Franco regarding Maxie. He didn’t eve get a chance coz Franco already started playing with his mind. He got him to relay a message to Jason pretty much. Jason was mad of course that Spinelli took such a risk. Spinelli told Jason that Franco felt disrespected by him from their encounter.

Lucky and Dominic work together to try to figure out who Franco really is. They suspect him of a bunch of murders to supplement his artwork depictions.

Sonny and Olivia had a heart to heart talk. Sonny was his usual charmer.

“So what did you think of me when you saw me after not seeing me for a long time”.

“Oh that you’re more handsome than ever.”.

“I’m more powerful too. I wasn’t the small-time wanna-be Mob Boss anymore. I’m actually one. So why can’t we be together. Please stop fighting your feelings”.

“I can’t”.

It went something like that. Can somebody please tell Sonny that one of the huge reasons would that at one point, Sonny was going to Marry Kate Howard, aka Connie Falconeri, aka Olivia’s cousin. I mean just for that, have some kind of respect that they could’ve been cousin-in-laws. Who cares about their past relationship which resulted to Dante Falconeri, aka Dominic. I mean, hey, just saying.

Anyhooo, impulsive Maxie is actually doing good in not telling Spinelli her one-night stand with Franco. Spinelli already know but he’s just waiting for her to tell him I guess. Maxie asked him to go with her to retrieve pictures that Franco took of her. Sure, good idea.

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