General Hospital Promo: Sonny Shoots Dominic

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Whatever you do tomorrow, make sure you are home by 3pm. Tomorrow, Friday is the day Sonny shoots his own son, Dominic. The latter is Sonny’s son with Olivia whose real name is Dante. Sonny and Dominic don’t know they’re blood related. Watch the promo below.


Chances are, Sonny shoots Dominic in the last scene of the episode and Olivia’s line of “you just shot your own son” won’t be aired ‘till next week. But that’s my cliffhanger guess. TPTB might decide to start the confrontation at 3:15 or 3:30. But then again, that’s Josselyn’s Christening too. Carly will be pissed if Sonny shoots someone before Josselyn gets her momentous day in life. Still though, you never know. So no matter what you do, be home by 3pm.