General Hospital: Lulu And Sonny Confrontation

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There was no doubt Lulu’s mind that it was Sonny who shot Dominic. Especially after he saw all the blood in Sonny’s living room and also found Dominic’s tuxedo jacket with his cellphone ringing from her call. Lulu finally got to the hospital, then asked Matt (it was nice to see him,haha) if Dominic had been admitted to which he confirmed. Then Lulu saw Sonny and Robin talking and next thing you hear are Lulu’s heels, clicking it’s way towards Sonny.

Lulu started yelling at him, “you shot him, you shot him you disgusting pig” with her hands forward like she was going to hit or strangle him. Sonny kept saying he didn’t know. Lulu asked, “you didn’t know what? that he was there and you just pointed the gun and shot him?” Sonny then said, “I didn’t know he’s my son.”

And that was the whole confrontation. I was disappointed. I wanted more. Lulu was completely hysterical and it would have been so much better if she was able to slap Sonny. But goody-toe-shoes Robin was there acting all understanding to Sonny. Whatever. Nikolas showed up too just before Lulu could actually hit Sonny. Darn those two are such party poopers, no?

In any case, it was a good albeit short confrontation. Maybe we’ll see more. Watching Sonny get arrested and whining like a little big kinda made up for the whole thing. Especially after he was acting self-righteous towards Olivia. He keeps insisting that if Olivia told him he never would’ve shot him.

Watch the video after the fold. The Sonny and Lulu part is all the way to the end.


I must admit, I’m liking Lulu these days. She and Dante have chemistry so I hope they’re the next couple to get married, ha.