General Hospital : Lucky Showed Concern & Jason Lost It!

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What an episode today (December 9th, Wednesday), whewww.

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Let’s start with the confrontation at Jake’s. It started with Michael acting all tough and being an ass towards other customers. Lucky just happened to walked in on him the way yesterday. Lucky may be tryinjg to solve a crime, but he’s also concerned with his cousin’s son. Michael’s arrogance and lack or remorse is bugging not only his mother Carly, but also Lucky Spencer. And of course Jason.

Lucky laid it out to Jason today. He told him how the kid has too much bottled up inside that he’ll crack on day. The fact that he said “Claudia is dead” made Lucky really worried. Lucky knows Michael is involved somehow and he actually showed to Jason today the he genuinely cares for Michael. He warned Jason that if he doesn’t do something about it soon, Michael is going to screw his life, pretty much.

Jason has had it with Michael. As soon as they got to Carly’s house, Jason just totally lost it. I can’t remember the exact words but this is the gist of it.

SHUT UP. You want to be the man and acting all tough but you’re acting like a little bitch. Just like those rich spoiled bratsout there……………….. Shut your mouth and apologize to your mother.

I was like, WHOAAAAA! Did Jason really just say those words? Jason feels that he failed Carly in helping raise Michael. While Carly feels that she failed as a mother. Michael’s father and stepfather on the other hand are still acting as self-righteous, arrogant, power tripping jerks. Jax and Sonny just want to up one another. Jason and Carly may have contributed to Michael’s current dilemma but at least they recognized it and scared as hell on how to fix the damaged they have done.

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