General Hospital : Josh Duhon Is Out

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General Hospital   Josh Duhon Is Out josh duhon nc thumb jpg We all see this coming right? Josh Duhon (Logan) is out of the canvas. He got his walking papers last May. Logan is going to be “killed off“. How, “accidentally”.

He came in and he’s leaving fast huh? I thought his storyline would’ve been very interesting since he’s Scotty’s son. But the writers doesn’t find him useful anymore after Johnny came into the picture. I wish the writers took the opportunity to build some kind of history between him and Scotty, know what I mean? There are other storylines than being in a love triangle. Lulu sure isn’t the only girl in Port Charles who needs to have all the boyfriend. There are available nurses at GH. Like I said, oh well.

We can only guess how Logan is going to be “accidentally killed off”. Maybe in the middle of Jason’s future gun-toting rampage against the Zacchara’s or poisoned. Who knows.

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