General Hospital: Hand Jonathan Jackson His Emmy Award

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General Hospital  Hand Jonathan Jackson His Emmy Award 21005a1 jackson j b gr 01 thumb jpgI mean seriously, if you watched  General Hospital last Friday, you’d agree with me that Jonathan Jackson is most probably going to get an Emmy nomination, and would likely get the ward. I was sad that Greg Vaughan left but with how the storyline has progressed into this Lucky/Liz/Nikolas triangle, I now understand why TPTB decided to bring JJ back.

Last Friday was brilliant. I had goose bumps watching Luke and Lucky interact like that. Anthony Geary’s sigh after every revelation from Lucky was like a cherry on top after every breath blown. When Luke said, “you trashed that house down, did yah”, then Lucky said, “oh yeah, took an old baseball bat and just went at it, you would be so proud of me.” With that twinkle in his eyes yet clouded with tears just waiting patiently to flow, I was absolutely in heaven watching that wonderful acting in front of me.

And then he went home and found Liz and Nikolas together acting all concern that he’s drinking. The control from Jonathan’s acting while he pointed at Liz and said she’s amazing, ahhh. And then, he turned around and with all his controlled anger he tells Liz, “you don’t love me, otherwise you wouldn’t be SCREWING my own brother” my God I was hoping there was another hour of GH.

Today was the continuation and I guess the wait was all worth it. Tears, spit, devil stares, and utter disgust, Lucky let Liz how disgusted he is with her. Nikolas just stood there and to9ok it all in, and cried too. Actually, I think Rebecca Herbst and Tyler Christopher enjoyed the show. They were witnessing something absolutely magical. I was even impressed how Rebecca was able to portray Liz the best she has ever portrayed her. Jonathan brought it out of her. I think she might also get a nomination.

General Hospital  Hand Jonathan Jackson His Emmy Award INFphoto 420721 thumb1 jpg I loved all the scenes but two of my favorites were when Carly showed up and in no uncertain terms Lucky let his ‘Cuz know that Liz and Nik wouldn’t be attending Josselyn’s christening coz they’d probably be rutting like farm animals, O-M-G. Of all people to know Liz’s appear, it was Carly. It was probably the only funny moment of all the scenes.

Then Liz said to think of the boys. I was actually wondering at that point when she was going to mention them. Lucky at that point probably wanted to choke the crap out of her but again, in a very controlled yet erratic behavior, Lucky told her to NEVER EVER use  Cam and Jake to manipulate him ever again. Liz defended herself and said she never did that but Lucky was on the roll and pretty much told her to shut up and stop being a lying manipulative bitch. Oh and Lucky called her a slut too, somewhere in between. A cheating slut at that, hah.

And it wasn’t all about Liz because Lucky gave it to his brother also. Of all people, it’s his own brother that did that to him. Not that it’s ok if it’s with someone else, let’s say Jason, but it’s a whole different story of twilight zone when your fiancée’ is sleeping with your own brother. To hear her moan “I love you” over and over again while in climax probably didn’t help.

The last part of the confrontation was even more heartbreaking coz Lucky held Liz’s face and in that you could tell that Lucky loves and will forever love her and he let her know too which was even more heartbreaking if you really think about it.

Lucky is now gonna go back to his addictive personality but this time it would probably be liquor. It’s going to be a good ride to watch Jonathan Jackson portray this side of Lucky through his own interpretation. After today, I’m confident Jonathan will pass with flying colors. Just hand him over the Emmy trophy.


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