General Hospital : Georgie’s Death Pictures and Thoughts

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I really have nothing else to say except TPTB has messed up HUGE this year. They killed 3 major characters in one year without even batting an eyelash. I'm so disgusted with GH this past few months I can't stand watching it anymore. Too much killing, too much Jason pointing guns at everyone, too much Sonny ordering Jason to kill someone. I can stand Carly's daily hypocrisy since that's her from the day she came to town but all these killing in the midst of Holidays is just so uncalled for. They don't know what to do with core characters because of the new ones being introduced under the Mob category that they just kill people off. Ayayay….







I cried when Mac got to the place and realized Georgie is dead. Then I cried some more when Lucky fetched Maxie and told her the news. This damn thing is so heartbreaking. I wouldn't mind being there when Maxie tears Felicia down for being such a terrible mother. She may not have killed Georgie herself but damn, where were you the whole time?