General Hospital : Franco Made Creepy, Sexy

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The Jason and Franco confrontation finally happened. I think Steve Burton held his own to match the talent of James Franco. But only slightly, heh. Jason showed his usual nonchalant, stoic yet calculated personality. Franco on the other hand showed how creepy can be sexy. I’m afraid I’ll need a shrink after Franco leaves Port Charles. He’s making me lose all my sense and sensibilities.

Jason wanted Franco to reveal what he knows about Claudia’s murder but Franco wanted to play and pretty much introduce himself as an equal to Jason. Actually, Franco wants to be a carbon copy of Jason. Freanco called them psychotics. They’ve killed without feeling any remorse and letting someone else take responsibility. They’re both cold and in control. I’m not sure if I believe Franco when he said he only killed people, many times, in his dreams. While Jason had done it in real life, many times.

Jason sensed Franco’s disturbing obsession with him so he played along. Franco got mad at how callous Jason handled the Claudia situation. Even the way Jason and Sam saved Carly in the cabin was disappointing, according to Franco. Jason admitted his “mistakes” and that’s when Franco sorta lost it. I am not that convinced though that Franco is mad at Jason. Franco is so creepy and his smirks are very manipulative. If Franco is this psychotic as he appears to be then Jason needs to plan his next move and he’ll have to be smarter than usual.

(Image : Bauer-Griffin)