General Hospital : Elizabeth’s Sexual Awakening

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General Hospital   Elizabeth s Sexual Awakening INFphoto 420721 thumb jpg For the sake of enlightenment and perhaps understanding, Guza wanted us to know why Elizabeth is doing what she’s doing. What is she doing? Having sex with Nikolas who happens to be Lucky’s brother who is supposedly the one she’s planning a future with, and Liz’s bestfriend late-Emily’s husband. So? Well, if you have seen the history of the Emily-Nikolas-Liz-Lucky from the very beginning, you’d feel weird out about this current Liz-Lucky-Nikolas triangle.

So back to the enlightenment and understanding part, Liz tried to explain to gal-pal Robin Scorpio Drake that what she feels for Nikolas is intense. She doesn’t want it to happen but she can’t stop thinking about him. But let’s be clear here, Liz wasn’t talking about intense LOVE. She went on and on about how her sex life started out as the most traumatic thing. She was raped when she was a teenager. I can understand that it brought a lot of baggage on Liz’s life. However, none of that were written really after dealing with it when it happened years ago. I guess it was just one of those things that audience should know.


Anyhooo, we thought Liz had moved on from that. And she has but apparently, even though she had been with a few Men, Zander, Lucky, and Jason (anyone else), Liz admitted to Robin that she’d be very happy if she never had sex ever again. Uh huh. HOWEVER, she doesn’t feel like that with Nikolas. She can’t stop thinking about wanting to touch him or yah know. Robin tried to be the helpful friend by trying to add something sensible to Liz’s revelation. “There’s something else we’re not talking about here.”. Ummm noooooo, there isn’t. Liz just admitted it, Nikolas awakened Liz’s sex life.

So how dare all of you (us) judge Liz for having an affair with Lucky’s brother? How dare you (us) think what a you know what she is by planning a future with Lucky while doing the deed with Nikolas on the side and thinking about doing it with him again when they’re not doing it. Who gives a crap about love, family, sensibilities, morals, responsibilities, and decency. Nikolas awakened Liz’s Sex Life. We should have a ball to celebrate this new milestone in Liz’s life. Nikolas should host it in his dark palace after picking out all the grand white ball gowns for the woman of the season.

Let’s start making the invitation.

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