General Hospital: Carly And The Kids Move Out

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General Hospital  Carly And The Kids Move Out INFphoto 232852 thumb jpg Carly thought Jax was going to be mad at her for convincing Sonny to jump bail. Little did she know, Jax has an even bigger confession than hers.

Errrm, sit down honey but I actually knew that Dominic is Dante and that’s he’s Olivia’s son and that he’s an undercover cop. Oh and get this, I also pulled some strings to make sure Dante stays on the case to finally nail Sonny.

Carly pretty much knew the next lines. “I did it to protect our family.” As noble as that may be, Carly couldn’t wrap it around her head. It was like WHOA YOU DID WHAT?? Jax should have known. Well he does that’s why he never told Carly. Come hell or high waters, Carly will be on Sonny’s side. Well, not completely. I think the depth of that loyalty lost some of it when Michael got shot. Carly just doesn’t want Sonny to go to jail. She knows Sonny will be crying like a kid in jail.

Jax was adamant. Sonny deserves jail time. Oh yeah, well take this, we’re out. Carly took Josslyn and Morgan and left the Jacks house. Off they went to Uncle Jason’s house.

Well at least it’s not Sonny’s house. I think Jax will feel much better with Jason than with Sonny.

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