General Hospital: Another BabyDaddy Storyline For Elizabeth

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General Hospital  Another BabyDaddy Storyline For Elizabeth INFphoto 420721 thumb jpg The minute the writers introduced this Lucky-Liz-Nikolas triangle storyline, we saw the next twist crystal clear. Another BabyDaddy storyline for Elizabeth. I voiced or shall I say typed out my intuition on the November 9th to 13th 2009 Spoilers. It doesn’t take a genius to come up with this conclusion coz no matter how redundant for TPTB to go there, this time around is more serious or volatile, so to speak.

This BabyDaddy storyline now involves 2 brothers who happened to have such an interesting history. I do have to point out though that maybe GH were just weighing on this twist. It was probably one of the options to further this storyline. Since Rebecca Herbst is actually pregnant in real life (Congrats Becky!!) that’s due in August, the writers probably thought, well “there it is.” Just my guess of course. Maybe it’s been the plan all along, but it sure works in the end, somehow.

Now we’re going to go through Spring guessing who’s the Daddy? I really hope the show will present it right away. I think it would make Liz more hateful if she once again lies about another paternity of her child. The thing is, Liz wants Lucky back real bad. If this baby is Lucky’s, it could bring them back together. If it turns out to be Nikolas, I highly doubt Lucky is going to continue raising 3 kids that aren’t his. Let’s not forget how arrogant and possessive Nikolas is. He’s not about to let another Man raise his child. Brother or not.

So this BabyDaddy storyline could result in 2 ways. Lucky could finally have a child of his own, with the Woman he truly loves, in spite of everything that has happened. This baby could also make Lucky stop spiraling down towards another addiction. OR, it could be Nikolas’s baby that will unfortunately put the final wedge in the Lucky and Nikolas’ tumultuous  brother relationship, as well as the Spencers and Cassadine history.

As much as I can’t stand Elizabeth, I hope it’s Lucky’s baby. I think it’s about time he has one. Whether it would bring Lucky and Liz back together doesn’t matter anymore. Of all the Fathers in Port Charles, Lucky (besides Jax) is the one who deserves to be blessed with his own child. 

How about you? Who do you want to be Liz’s BabyDaddy?

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