22 Actresses Who Played Originally Male Characters

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We all know about the gender pay-gap scandal in Hollywood and lately we've been hearing more and more horrifying stories about the way that females are being treated in the film industry behind the scenes. While at times the sexism and misogyny of mainstream media can feel overwhelming, every once in while things seem to be looking up. It's not to say that these tiny moments of equality could possibly outweigh the loooooong list of BS that Hollywood has put women through over the years, but it means that we're moving forward — which is a good thing.

It should come as no surprise here that certain characters have always been considered to be male roles — basically every superhero besides Wonder Woman and Cat Woman, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, etc.. While men are still generally the action heroes that save the day, more and more women are swapping into parts that have been traditionally played by a man and breaking gender stereotypes that have kept women from achieving these parts in the first place. Though actresses may still have a long battle to fight in Hollywood, these sixteen actresses are proving that anything an actor can do, an actress can do better.