Gauntlet 3 Recap

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I don't know about you guys, but I am really diggin' the hour long episodes of the Gauntlet 3. There's always just enough drama, just enough hooking up, just enough Kenny/Evan humor and just enough challenge action.

This week, Tori and Brad make like a real couple and not just a challenge hook-up… In fact, Tori pretty much confirms on her MTV profile that they are still together. Well, whaddaya know. Maybe true love can be found on reality tv…

The first challenge is called Pole Push and it's a ladies' Gauntlet day. The Veteran guys, as usual, are gunning to send some of their female teammates or “cut the fat” as we've now heard time and time again. Unfortunately, this challenge is essentially based on team strength and with nearly double the number of team members on the Veterans side, it's a pretty easy win for them, whether they really wanted to win or not. Or, as Evan puts it now that the Veteran girls are safe, “I just won a JVC video camcorder. Now I can videotape all you ugly girls when I don't win the money at the end of this challenge.”

I know I should probably hate him for that, but practically anything that comes out of his or Kenny's mouth makes us giggle.

In the Veteran camp, deliberations are heated over which Rookie girl to send in to the Gauntlet. Brad obviously wants to keep Tori and Danny wants to keep Melinda. In the end, Danny loses and Melinda goes in. The Rookie side gets just as out of control when the Rookies decide to ignore Melinda's wish to go in against Jillian and they send Tori. Melinda is LIVID. As is Tori. At this point, sending both of them home seems like a good idea because, seriously, all of their entitlement crap is getting old.

Things get even more interesting when the Gauntlet turns out to be Ball Brawl yet again. Tori announces that she won't compete – she hates her team now and she refuses to go up against her new BFF Melinda. Tori, get over yourself. Brad takes her aside for a stern talking to/pep talk and she decides to participate, but only so she can stay with him if she wins.

And, in the end, Tori wins, sending Melinda home. Instead of handling the win with some grace and dignity, she is repulsed by her own team and says, “Give me a red jersey.”
As if this challenge day hasn't been drama-filled enough, Danny lashes out against Johanna for night fighting harder on Melinda's behalf since Melinda wanted to go against Jillian. Harsh words are exchanged and even I'm feeling exhausted by all of this.

But… not to be outdone by the other drama queens, Tori heads back to the Rookie camp and gets nasty with her teammates, informing them that she'll throw every mission now and won't stop until Frank goes home.

Everyone goes back to the house, partying ensues, CT runs his mouth, yadda yadda yadda…

Next up is guy's Gauntlet day and this challenge is a doozie… Buried Alive. Team members are buried in coffins under the sand while one teammate tries to answer a series of questions about each of them that must be answered correctly before he/she can dig them out.
Kenny, in true gentlemanly fashion, says he's “hoping to leave some of these chicks buried in the box. We could do without Coral, Katie… After awhile, the screams will go away, trust me.”

In theory, because the Rookie team has six fewer players, they should have a significant advantage. In true Rookie fashion, not even a significant advantage can get them the win. The Veteran team works together like a well-oiled machine and manages to take the challenge, sending Frank into the Gauntlet and protecting Ryan.

Frank wants to go in against Nehemiah, but since Melinda's wishes were not taken into consideration with the girls' Gauntlet and since his team seems to be gunning for him to leave (aside from Jillian, of course), they send in MJ, who may very well be the Incredible Hulk masquerading as MJ. The man is huge.

The Gauntlet challenge is called Ankle Breaker and it's extremely physical. Frank is starting to think that he's going to go home. But there's one thing Frank has that MJ/the Incredible Hulk does not… brains. Frank digs a hole and uses it for leverage, preventing MJ from making any headway. And waiting patiently, staying strong and not giving up, Frank manages to tire MJ out and win the Gauntlet.

Whether their teammates like them or not, Frank and Jillian have both proven to be two of the strongest players in challenge history. Their teams would be foolish to try to send them back into the Gauntlet again. At this point, the Rookies can use all the help they can get…

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