The WTF Moments From The Game Of Thrones Finale That You Can’t Stop Thinking About

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Even though I shouldn't have to say it, let me warn you know that there are SO MANY SPOILERS AHEAD. So if you live under a rock and haven't yet seen last night's episode of Game of Thrones, please exit now and watch it immediately! There's your warning, so no yelling at me later. Anyway, last night's finale was insane and I'm not quite sure I mean that in a good way.

Obviously no one watches for this show in the hopes that everyone makes it out alive and ends up happy in a field of flowers, but this season was dark. Just so morbid. Nothing will ever disturb or upset me more than hearing the sound of Oberyn Martell's head explode. I miss him everyday. And after the season we've had, I can't say that I'm shocked at how ridiculous last night's finale was.

So if you're a masochist and like re-living painful moments, here are the most WTF scenes from the Game of Thrones finale.

1. When Jaime and Cersei made out.



At this point in the show, I am honestly desensitized to incest which is a WTF moment in itself. But the thing that was the most unsettling about this scene is that the writer's decided not to address that time that Jaime raped Cersei. I guess they thought we'd just forget it if Cersei did. Sorry, no.

2. Daenerys leaving her dragons in the catacombs.



So this might not have been on the same level as most of the other moments, but I can't be the only who got really upset by this scene. I understand it had to be done because they were getting out of control and eating children. Drogon ruins everything and he gets to escape. But her other dragons cried. Dany cried. I might have even cried (I definitely cried).

3. When the ax-wielding skeletons popped out of the snow.



If this scene didn't play over and over again in your nightmares, you are luckier than I. Skeletons. Coming out of nowhere. No thank you, please go away.

5. When Tyrion found a scantily clad Shae in his father's bed.



I know Tyrion had to White Fang Shae to get her to leave before she got herself killed, but this is a whole new level of betrayal – even for King's Landing. For his entire life, Tyrion was constantly chastised for his relationships with prostitutes by his father. So it definitely makes sense that Tywin would turn around and sleep with a prostitute himself. Oh, wait. No it doesn't.

5. Five seconds later when Tyrion killed Shae with his bare hands.



In the show it might have been self defense, but it definitely was not in the books. Shae was one of the only women in the world who loved Tyrion for who he was and not in spite of it. Choking her to death really messed him up, as it would any sane human. I can't sense that Tyrion will be in the best mindset when we see him next season.

6. When Tyrion killed his dad…On the toilet.



What better way for Tywin Lannister to be celebrated on Father's Day than to be murdered by his own son? If the murder wasn't enough, let it be known that he was killed on his chamber pot. No pride in that. Props to Tyrion to finding Tywin's worst case scenario death scene. So the lesson here is that there are honestly no sacred places left in King's Landing. Also that if you push you're son around for his entire life, he will probably murder you.

And now, let the hiatus begin. See you NEXT MARCH.