7 Reasons Why Game Of Thrones Season 7 Will Be The Most Epic Yet

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While summer may have just started, it's winter that everybody wants. Premiering in July as opposed to its usual spring start, Game of Thrones season seven has had people theorizing and buzzing since season six concluded back in June 2016. With its July 16th premiere date quickly approaching, this upcoming season is one of their most anticipated yet and for good reason. While no one is ever truly safe while playing the game, the build up to the end is proving to be a rocky road that not all your fan favorites will survive. We still have a little bit of waiting to do before we discover what winter really looks like, but here are seven reasons why season seven will be the most epic yet:

The Longest Episode Yet


While season seven may have the shortest amount of episodes of any season yet (FML), with only seven episodes compared to the usual ten, the overall running times of said episodes has grown. The finale of season six previously held the title for longest episode at 69 minutes, the finale episode of season seven is set to be a whopping 81 minutes long. Beyond simply the length, the content that 81 minutes can hold should get fans hyped. The finale episode is normally designated for the biggest battles and twists. Give Game of Thrones 81 minutes and they will use it till the very last second to do what they do best: shock you.