This Teaser Trailer For Game Of Thrones’ Season 3 Tells Us Nothing (But That Doesn’t Mean We’re Not Excited)

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Greetings, my fellow Game Of Thrones fans. If the months and months since the season two finale have left you fiending for your next taste of Westoros, be forewarned: this trailer does little to slake your unholy thirst, and will probably only contribute to it. But you're going to watch it anyway, aren't you?

Unlike the last tiny sneak peek they showed us, this teaser hints not at all at what's going to happen in the upcoming seasons, only shows us various Earth cities that we are totally sick of already (otherwise why would we want to escape to The Realm?). But oh, wait, what's that? It's the motherfucking three-eyed crow! In Manhattan! Holy shit. TAKE ME THERE, MR. CROW.

The main takeaway from this teaser? Game Of Thrones is coming back 3/31/13, and we will have to wait until then to see any of what's going to happen after the absolutely fucking terrifying season two finale. I'm not even sure I'm over it yet; that sequence with the white walkers and assorted nastiness coming down from the north scared me so much that I had to watch like, ten episodes of Seinfeld afterwards just to feel okay again. In any case, I've got three months to prepare.

(Via Vulture)