5 Things I Predict About Season 3 Of Game Of Thrones Based On The New Extended Trailer

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Game of Thrones premieres on HBO on March 31, but this is more than enough to not only get me excited for the new season, it serves as a nice appetizer to hold me over until the end of the month.  Now that Downton Abbey is on hiatus, my Sunday nights just don't have the same level of fulfillment they used to.  I can't wait for the gore, violence, slapping, sexing, and betraying that's sure to come.

Based on the extended trailer, here are 5 predictions I'm making about season 3 of Game of Thrones:

1.) I will still root for Tyrion Lannister until the day I die.  Or at least until the day he gives Joffrey another righteous bitch-slap right off the throne he doesn't deserve to sit upon.  

!Game of Thrones 1


2.) We will actually get to see Robb Stark get bizzay, which means we get to see Robb Stark shirtless in candlelight.

! Game of Thrones 2


3.) Sansa is probably still a cunt, but after her humiliation last season I'm hoping she grows up and becomes slightly more tolerable. 

! Game of Thrones 3


4.) Bran and Arya Stark should just take over the entire realm.

! Game of Thrones 4


5.) Lots and lots and lots of people are going to die.  Please, HBO Gods, don't let one of them ever be Daenarys/Khaleesi.

! Game of Thrones 5