This New Game Of Thrones Trailer Just Got Me Excited For Its Return All Over Again

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Game Of Thrones is almost back, you guys! It seems like just yesterday, I was binge watching every episode in my room because it was too hot to do anything else, then subsequently crying because I'd come to the end. Now there is a new promo to remind us that the new season starts in just a little over a month, and that's just great.

Unlike the last promo, this one features actual characters from the show, reintroducing us to all of them as they flash across the screen. The voiceover comes from your old pal Tyrion Lannister possibly someone who is not Tyrion Lannister, who expounds thoughtfully upon the nature of chaos, which is apparently not a pit, but a ladder to be climbed/the only thing that really exists. How darkly poetic.

On a more personal note, I tend to think fantasy is dumb, but I got sucked into this show for its ability to insert convincing characters into a completely ridiculous world, and now I am totally into all the brutal violence and wars of succession, and utterly terrified of the white walkers. My friends will confirm that I audibly root for the Starks and the dwarf, and that I think Sansa sucks and Arya is the best, and Daenerys Targaryen is a beautiful bad ass who deserves to be queen of the realm. I guess what I'm trying to say is, you've got a little over a month to binge-watch the first two seasons if you want even more Game Of Thrones to be waiting at the end of it. TRUST ME, IT'S WORTH IT.

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