5 Facts About Michiel Huisman, The Actor Who Is In Nashville, Game of Thrones And Orphan Black

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michiel huisman

While the name Michiel Huisman might not mean anything to you right now, there's a good chance that you've seen him on your TV recently. This overachiever and ridiculously good-looking actor currently plays the character of Daario Naharis in Game of Thrones, Liam McGuinnis in Nashville and Cal Morrison in Orphan BlackGeez, and we thought Beyonce was busy!

In honor of his amazing multi-tasking skills,  his acting abilities and of course, his gloriously luscious locks, here are five facts you likely didn’t know about this new breed of triple threat.



1. He’s European.
It slightly upsets me that Michiel is yet another hunk that we can’t claim. He was born in Holland, outside of Amsterdam. Ryan Gosling and Taylor Kitsch are Canadians, Charlie Hunnam is English, I can’t even bring myself to Google Joshua Bowman



2. He’s a musician IRL, too.
How talented can one human be? He was once part of the Dutch band Fontane, he sings, plays guitar, and writes his own music, including his Dutch single “Luchtige Verhalen.” By chance does that translate to: I love you, Lindsey?

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3. He’s off the market.
Sorry, ladies. He’s a husband, to wife Tara Elders and a dad to daughter Hazel. Is that not the sweetest, most perfect name? Sigh. You’re really making it hard for me to dislike you, Michiel.

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4. He didn’t read the GOT books.
Finally, proof that he’s not perfect, or some sort of a robot. We forgive you.

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5. He’s been around a while.
He started acting in 1995, in a Dutch TV series called: “Voor Hete Vuren,” age: 14, (welp, there goes my seven-year plan).

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