World’s Worst Human Is Using Tinder To Spoil Game Of Thrones For Unsuspecting Women

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Did you wake up with a speck of optimism about humanity today? I'm sorry if you did, because I'm about to dash it all to pieces by revealing that there's a guy on Tinder who's systematically spoiling Game Of Thrones for people. FOR NO REASON.

I don't even know what to call this — a prank? A cry for help? A worse way to use Tinder than the one it was created for, which is perhaps the most telling statement of all? But either way, New York comedian Bread Foster has been doing it. I guess it all started because he wasn't achieving the…um…success that he'd been hoping for, so he started re-contacting women who had rejected him, sending them spoilers from the then-unaired season four finale episode. As he told Buzzfeed:

“I realized there is an unspoiled market of screwing with people on that site.”

Charming. The spoilers were both real and fake, and typically went something along the lines of:

“Tyrion kills his father in the next episode of game of thrones. Arya dies too.”

Obviously this information is available in the books, written by George R. R. Martin, but not everyone has read those. Some of the girls he contacted had, and in that case, he just said they'd ‘passed the test' or that he ‘liked them better' for reading, which makes my skin crawl.

But bottom line, I'd say most people haven't read the books, and this dude Bread (may I call you Bread?) knows that, and he's getting off on it. After a while, he doesn't even bother putting in the fake spoiler, just straight out ruins the show for people like this girl, who made the crucial mistake of not warmly accepting his attempt at initiating conversation a week earlier:

Man ruining Game Of Thrones on Tinder screenshot


Not having downloaded Tinder myself, I don't know if you can send GIFs over its interface, but assuming you could, this would be my response:

Bronn Game of Thrones GIF there's no cure for being a cunt(via)

Sorry…guess I should've said ‘spoiler alert'.