Here’s A Mild Game Of Thrones Spoiler That I Hope You Know Better Than To Click On

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Game Of Thrones season three image Craster's KeepI should have learned my lesson long ago about writing about Game Of Thrones spoilers, considering my life was threatened the last time I revealed a small, seemingly-insignificant casting detail, but here we find ourselves again…with me revealing a small, seemingly-insignificant filming location detail.

Here I go, revealing a teensy-weensy little thing about the upcoming fourth season of the HBO show; it doesn't seem like it's something to threaten to set me on fire about, but it didn't last time, either, and it still happened.

This time is admittedly a little different, though, and a little more severe, because it's a spoiler about the show that can't be found in the book. Aka it hasn't been published for decades already, aka the hordes of fans who will inevitably be storming my door with flaming torches and a battering ram are probably correct in demanding I A. die or B. go back to journalism school.

Okay so the spoiler is coming up now. All those of you who don't want to know about filming locations for the fourth season and what that says about the plot, please don't continue reading. Although what you were doing clicking on a title that says ‘spoiler' and also basically ‘don't click this', I'll never know.

So in season three, while the Night's Watch is sheltering at Craster's Keep, I'm sure you'll recall that things suddenly got out of control and became a bloodbath in which Commander Mormont was killed and Sam and Gilly escaped with her baby. In the books, they never go back to that location, but according to this site, the show will take us back there to check in with Rast (the man who killed Mormont) and the rest of the former members of the Night's Watch who stayed behind. There aren't a ton of details, but according to a site called Winter Is Coming:

“Craster’s Keep material will involve both Jon’s and Bran’s storylines.”

Yeah guys, that's it. Not too bad, right? So maybe I can go peacefully in my sleep after all? Maybe?