The Top 25 Major Game of Thrones Deaths, Ranked by Shock-Value

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If we counted every death on Game of Thrones, we’d be sitting here for hours. The mortality rate is well into the hundreds at this point (and that is not counting all of those who have died in a fiery or icy battle). Some deaths we saw coming from a mile away, while others totally blew our minds. The Red Wedding comes to mind, just to start, but GoT has now topped even that in terms of shock value. Really, you can’t watch this show and expect your favorites to stay alive for long.

Luckily for some, they can come back from the dead. But for many on this list, their gruesome death is how they left the Game of Thrones world for good. (Or at least that's true for now. Who knows what the final season will bring?)

Warning: There is a little bit of Game of Thrones-level gore ahead!