How The Game Of Thrones Cast Has Changed Since Season One

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Game of Thrones on HBO

A lot has happened in the six seasons of Game of Thrones. (No spoilers here, we promise.) If you think back to the first season, you probably have a hard time remembering who was fighting who, and who was dead, alive or fell into some weird category between the two. It's even more of a challenge if you watched season one when it first aired in 2011 as opposed to binge-watching it a few years later when Game of Thrones TV show fever really started.

In addition to being a bit fuzzy on the details of plot lines from a few years back, a lot of us probably don't remember what the characters looked like. A long time has passed in the world of Westeros and in real life. Characters' looks have changed because of battle scars, wars and disguises. We also cannot forget about the passage of time, both real and fictitious. In season one, some characters (and the actors who played them) were kids, and now they're proper adults. And others were baby-faced hotties who went on to be fully grown hunks.

Instead of watching the teasers again for the latest season of GoT and speculating on fan theories, prepare yourself for season seven by taking a look back at how the characters changed from season one until now.