This Photo Of The Game Of Thrones Cast Being Regular Beach Folk Will Make Your Day

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Game of Thrones Cast Beach 3-29-14


There are few things that I love more than actors in period dramas frolicking about the earth in regular clothes, you guys.  I'm serious.  The list goes: kittens acting out Disney movies, french fries, Jonah Hill‘s fake movie penis, and period actors in modern garb (see also: OITNB cast polished and pressed).  So clearly, there are few things better than that.  Seeing the cast of Game of Thrones being not only normal and modern-day, but at the BEACH?  Squals of delight abound.

Redditor Join_You_In_The_Sun shared the photo of the cast taking a break from the sordid world of incest, murder, and dragons by enjoying some sun and surf in Croatia. Brienne of Tarth looking like a Twiggy double?  Not something I was expecting, and it's just as amazing as it sounds. Conleth Hill (Varys) is dressed exactly like his character would dress if he were a sassy eunuch in 2014, if you ask me.  And Lena Headey is slightly less terrifying when she's laughing about something funny and not over the doom Cersei inflicts on pretty much everyone.  This photo also made me remember that I have a crush on Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and that I still cannot properly pronounce his real name, sooo Jaime Lannister it is!  Also, it goes without saying: Peter Dinklage <3<3<3.

My mind was blown when I saw this cast all dressed up on the red carpet last year, looking their snazzy best.  But there's something about the casual, spontaneous nature of this beach shot that not only warms my Westeros-loving heart but also makes me super eager for the season four premiere next weekend.

(Photo: Reddit)