You Must Watch This Video Of Game Of Thrones Actors Before They Were On The Show

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Jack Gleeson from Game of Thrones as Little Boy in Batman Begins

Does anyone else get a weird feeling of half-recognition when they watch Game Of Thrones? Well, not so much anymore, now that we're four seasons in, but at the beginning, I was always watching episodes wondering why these people were so familiar, and where I knew them from. But I'm a lazy sack, so I never bothered to look up their names and then sift through all the random projects on IMDb, so my mind was never put to rest.

Until now. The wise humans over at BuzzFeed put together a handy little video reminding you of what each actor's name is and where you might have seen him or her before. And as a bonus, the juxtaposition is actually really hilarious in some cases — everyone is so stiff and formal and…scary in the show, so it's crazy to see them making light of anything on other jobs. I highly recommend it.

Okay, so now that you've seen it — some thoughts:

  • Bronn singing! Robson & Jerome? What is this magic and why?
  • I had no idea there was so much Harry Potter love in the cast! Nymphadora Tonks and Mrs. Granger! An embarrassment of riches!
  • Baby Pycelle!
  • Varys with a mustache!
  • Pretty sure that Tywin Lannister played the same role in the Ali G movie as he does in Game Of Thrones.
  • Thought the best was over and then BOOM KING ROBERT AS FRED FLINTSTONE. I love it.

It's the perfect combination of informative and ridiculous, and since those are the two poles I attempt to hit with any post I put up on Crushable, I'm really glad to see we're all on the same page.