Gallery: The Entirety of Middle-Earth Built Out Of Legos

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Okay, I lied: It's not ALL of Middle-Earth, but it's pretty damn near most of it. In one of the most impressive acts of nerdery I've ever seen, a whole bunch of Lord of the Rings/Lego enthusiasts built pretty much the entire landscape of Tolkien's universe as part of BrickWorld 2011 in Wheeling, Illinois. I think the only locations not pictured here are Weathertop (where Frodo gets stabbed in Fellowship of the Ring) and Lothlorien (where Galadriel hangs out), but everything else from Hobbiton to Mount Doom itself is there. Want to see how accurate the Lego renderings are? Fine– included are also images from Peter Jackson's films. I wonder if they'll do the Misty Mountains once The Hobbit comes out…