Gallery: Real Housewives Of New York City Has Plenty Of Conflict Without Bethenny Frankel

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Gallery   Real Housewives of New York City Has Plenty Of Conflict Without Bethenny Frankel wenn3167142 489x326 jpgIf you are a dedicated Real Housewives fan, you’ve probably already heard the news that Real Housewives of New York‘s release date, which was originally February 15, has been pushed back until sometime in March. Andy Cohen confirmed the rumor on Thursday’s Watch What Happens Live saying that they had only wrapped up filming a few weeks ago, and decided to pick up filming again, as the show wasn’t “ready” yet. Rumors have been circulating that with controversial castmate Bethenny Frankel gone, there wasn’t enough drama on the show.

According to castmate Ramona Singer, when asked about the rumors, she said, “How could it be boring? Am I boring? I could never be. It really is everyone’s scheduling. Everyone has different schedules and things going on and we are working on it.”  She also calls the upcoming season “the best one yet.”

Bethenny definitely added a lot to the show. I love her sense of humor and frank demeanor. However, as much as I liked watching her play with the other housewives, there is plenty more drama to be seen without her. Take a look at some dramatic scenes throughout Real Housewives of NY‘s history that didn’t involve Bethenny at all.