Gallery: Photos From The Set Of Britney Spears New ‘Criminal’ Video

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Gallery  Photos From The Set Of Britney Spears New  Criminal  Video britney1 jpg

Britney Spears is currently filming the video for her new single “Criminal” on location in London. Her new-ish boyfriend is in the video with her, because why not? It was all her idea! “I’m shooting a video [and] I’ve never shot on location out of the country of America for a video,” she told AOL. (Oh, Brit Brit.) “So, it should be very interesting. It was partly my idea … to see if it could to happen, and they were like, ‘Yeah, it’s a great idea,’ so we did it.” There are guns, convenience stores, and booty shorts. Could it be that she’s attempting to critically engage with the socioeconomic problems that recently caused the citizens of that good city to riot? Let’s take a look.

(Via Idolator and breatheheavy)