GALLERY: Lola Leon’s 8 Best Fashion Moments

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Let Lola's big reveal begin: Madonna, who we hear is miffed Lady Gaga is stealing her style, has teamed up with her favorite Mini-Me, daughter Lola, on a junior's fashion line for Macy's. The affordable label, called Material girl, includes jeans and fingerless gloves, and is inspired by Lola's love of dance-inspired streetwear, European fashion and tastes in music. After years of fierce supervision by Mama Madge — who banned television from the house — 13-year-old Lola is finally coming out of hiding. We think she'll be the next Stella McCartney, who emerged from her father Paul McCartney's shadow to become one of the premier fashion designers in the world.

In honor of Lola's offbeat style, we round up her 8 all-time greatest looks: