Gallery: Kat Von D And Jesse James Are Irrationally Pleased With Themselves

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We really don't get why Jesse James and Kat Von D insist on splattering their relationship all over the news. You would think that they would realize they were the worst – or at least he is the worst, and she's just pretty awful just by association – and would try to tone down their media appearances. But instead these two go to every event that doesn't have a dress shirt policy and open-tongue each other. Gross.

And now they're getting married (this is Jesse's fourth time, after his last wife Sandra Bullock found out the same time as the rest of the world that he was cheating on her with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee) and claim that it's going to be no big thang. Except of course they need to do it real soon, no reason, why are you asking? So either she's knocked up, or they want their wedding theme to be “What a difference a year can make!”

It's inexplicable how proud these guys are to be together. We would love to tell them to get a room, but it would probably result in some new breed of sex tape previously unknown to the world. Blegh.