I’m Still In Utter Disbelief That Chantal Chadwick Apologized On Gallery Girls

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Last night's episode of Gallery Girls completely changed the way I felt about everyone on the show. Not only did I start feeling sympathy pangs for Amy Poliakoff (once my archiest of arch-enemies), but I got the feeling that Chantal Chadwick experienced some kind of epiphany that made her suddenly understand empathy.

Like someone sat her down and explained to her that when she's mean to other people, their feelings get hurt and as a result, they don't like her. Not sure what kind of voodoo doctor finally got through to her or if all that folgers coffee affected her thinking, but we saw the results last night during her big confrontation with Liz Margulies.

Let me set the scene for you.

We're at the hottest club in Miami. I think it's called MarguliesVille, but I might have misunderstood Liz when she invited everyone. Despite the fact that Chantal and Claudia act totally bitchy toward her, she decided to extend an olive branch to them. An olive branch covered in thorns.

Dun, dun dunnnn.

She didn't invite them to play nice, she invited them to have an epic confrontation set to the dulcet tones of house music. While Maggie Schaffer, her boyfriend Ryan and his friend Shithead McGee (once again, may have totally misunderstood!) swung naked from the chandeliers, Liz talked to Claudia and Chantal.

Excuse my paraphrasing.

Liz: I've been nothing but nice to you since we met. And you've been nothing but rude to me.

Claudia and Chantal shake their heads in total agreement.

Liz: So, I can only be nice so many times before I want to send Maggie, Ryan and their friend Wrecking Ball over to End of Century to destroy it.

Chantal: You're completely right Liz. I've been a heinous bitch toward you and I understand how that would hurt your feelings and make you dislike us. I'm sorry.

Everyone's jaws drop.

Claudia: Holy mother-effin-shit. Fuckballs of flame. Liz, as we all know, Chantal's a horribly mean person. The fact she just apologized to you isn't just surprising, it's a fucking miracle. Like wow, what the hell is going on? We will all suffer for this. Someone, look for the pig's blood. It must be here somewhere. Also, exits? Someone find the exits!

The apology lovefest gets caught short when Ryan's friend RuinTheNight goes to the bathroom on someone else's table. Liz is horrified by his neanderthal behavior and leaves in disgust and horror and shock and dismay and disenchantment. Chantal slowly realizes the ice in her veins is turning to blood and knows she must act quickly if she wants to stop this transformation to becoming fully human.

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