The Gallery Girls Are The Poorest Littlest Rich Girls In The Entire World

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The Gallery Girls Are The Poorest Littlest Rich Girls In The Entire World Claudia Reardon Gallery Girls jpg

Last night’s episode of Gallery Girls  left me confused and scared.  How can girls who seemingly have it all actually have nothing?

Despite the lavishly decorated rent-free apartments, the loving families and the friends who find you venues for your last minute photography show despite your unappreciative attitude, the Gallery Girls live a life of misery. The moral of this episode seemed to be just because my life looks better than yours and I act like it’s better than yours, doesn’t mean that I don’t have my own first world problems. It doesn’t mean I don’t walk around New York City with a rain cloud over my head softly singing, “All By Myself.”

We begin the scenes of sadness in Angela Pham’s apartment. Despite her obvious photography skills and her generosity toward her gays, they refuse to spend their time trying to help her further her photography career. It’s just so frustrating to see her grace them with her presence and get nothing in return.

Thankfully, Gay #1 Alex Caterinella gets his act together and finds a venue willing to show her photos at the end of the week. So it’s a half-ass attempt at helping Angela and she makes it clear to us that while she appreciates him finding the venue, she does not appreciate being rushed to put her show together in one week.

The Gallery Girls Are The Poorest Littlest Rich Girls In The Entire World Angela Pham Gallery Girls jpg

But, being  he strong indpeendepnt “I don’t need my parents!” woman that she is, she pulls it off and invites all her friends. She tells us that she really cares what Claudia Martinez Reardon and Chantal Chadwick think. They own a gallery-cleverly-hidden-in-a-boutique and therefore their opinion matters.

And Chantal doesn’t hold back with her opinon. Why should she? Honesty counts so much more than friendship. So much more in fact that she feels comfortable saying to Angela at her big photography show that” photography is my least favorite medium, easy to manipulate.”

To which Angela thanks Chantal for her friendship and watches as her body contorts into a million crows who fly straight into the depths of Hell. But not before criticizing everyone’s yoga posture with a unifed flap of their wings.

The Gallery Girls Are The Poorest Littlest Rich Girls In The Entire World Charlize Theron Crows Snow White and the Huntsman gif

While Angela comes to terms with the fact that her good friend Claudia’s actually a horcrux, Maggie Schaffer takes us on a tour of melancholy and despair.

Oh, poor Maggie. The intern who signed an indentured servant contract with Eli Klein without reading the fine print. She takes her good-for-nothing-except-bowling-birthday-boyfriend Ryan home to Pennsylvania with her. While she expected her mother to feed and house her while home, she did not expect her to ask her stressful questions about her life. Such as, “how’s work going?”

Oh the humanity of questions from your parents!

The Gallery Girls Are The Poorest Littlest Rich Girls In The Entire World Maggie Schaffer Ryan Gallery Girls jpg

While Maggie deals with her incredibly intrusive mother, Claudia must allow a mainstream artist to showcase his toys in her gallery. It’s not that she doesn’t want to make money, it’s just that she doesn’t want to do what it takes to make money. But when Lana, the Kim G of this show, points out that they’re still spending more than they’re making, Claudia agrees to let the Sucklord do a one-night show at End of Century. The crowd is not the typical End of Century Crowd. Something that Claudia at first despises — until remembering her typical End of Century crowd doesn’t buy artwork.

So she admits that Chantal was right about inviting the Sucklord into their lives. And after hearing Claudia compliment her, Chantal grows even more confident in her skills to make End of Century proftiable as well as her ability to overthrow Satan and take over his job.

The Gallery Girls Are The Poorest Littlest Rich Girls In The Entire World Chantal Chadwick The Sucklord Gallery Girls jpg

Meanwhile Amy Poliakoff is throwing a dinner party in her (parent’s) apartment. Her brother Parker cooks them dinner and Amy laments the fact that her frenemies from Brooklyn won’t show up to her party. It’s horrible to see her failure to understand they only come when Bravo contractually obligates them to come. However Maggie and Kerri Lisa make an appearance. After all, Manhattan girls must stick together at all times. Unless they’reand they hate her. Oh and Angela once again graces the world with her presnece, but lets us know that she’s just at Amy’s party for business reasons.

And literally-poor Kerri makes it clear that she finds Amy’s apartment ridiculously huge. But let us remind Kerri that not everyone can be broke enough to afford a one bedroom apartment in the West Village. Not every girl’s that lucky.

Even if they’re a gallery girl.Even if it takes putting on a photography show to realize they’re so over photography.

Let’s pray for them.