There’s No Way Chantal Chadwick From Gallery Girls Really Exists

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Since I'm planning on hate-watching Gallery Girls all season long, I'm taking all you wonderful people along for the ride. We're going to have so much fun discussing art work. Especially art work sold in high-end clothing stores on the Lower East Side. If anyone would like to go on a field trip with me to go shopping at End of Century, just let me know. I saved up enough money to bail myself out of jail after I get arrested for punching Chantal Chadwick in the face.

Just kidding, I would never advocate violence. But until I watched the second episode of Gallery Girls last night, I never wanted to throw something so hard at my own TV. It's not that we haven't watched deplorable people on TV before and it's not that I haven't felt disgusted by their deplorabilites. It's more the fact that on this show I could actually know these girls.

In fact, I do actually know one. The first person to figure out who wins a prize — a prize that goes by the name restraining order. It's awarded to every Crushable reader who demonstrates phenomenal stalking skills.

So because of the fact that I could run into any of the these girls at any given time, I'm equally intrigued and horrified by them. And that brings me back to Chantal Chadwick and the fact that she must be reading lines from a script. There's no way she's this obnoxious in real life AND this oblivious at how she's coming off on camera. Unlike the ridiculous women of Real Housewives who comes off just as obnoxious, her life's not in anyway enviable. As far as we can tell, she's running an art gallery that does little to no business — and on top of that, she has to commute on the subway to work every day.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that unless you're hugely successful, there's no reason any 24-year-old should feel this entitled. Or show up to work looking this smug. I've never seen someone with such a perfectly smirky smile. One that more successfully says “I'm better than you and yet, I resent you for simply being.”

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