Gallery: Frances Bean Cobain’s Tattoos, Decoded

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When Hedi Slimane published photos of an almost 19-year-old Frances Bean Cobain on his website last week, the whole world gasped. How did she manage to grow up into such a beautiful young woman without anyone noticing? How did the daughter of one of the most tabloid-y women of modern times keep such a low profile, even after turning 18? Maybe we've finally found something that will make the paparazzi respect someone's privacy: not only being a kid, but being a kid who has to grow up knowing that her tragic genius father committed suicide when she was very young, and also knowing, after a certain age, that a bunch of people think her mother (with whom she still lives) had him murdered. I think she also gets extra sympathy points for having to deal with mom Courtney Love, who lost custody of her several times before she came of age. Courtney is pretty much Teflon to me, but even I will admit that this doesn't sound like a picnic.

Anyway, besides her lovely face–a perfect mixture of Kurt and Courtney 1.0–a lot of people have noticed that she's already amassed quite the collection of tattoos for someone so young. Here are photos of said tattoos, and some attempts at explaining what they are.