Comparing Gal Godot’s Wonder Woman Salary to 7 Actors Who Were the Lead in a Recent Superhero Film

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Unless you've been living under a rock, then you probably know that the male-female pay gap in Hollywood (and let's be honest, everywhere) is still alive and well. Remember in 2014 during the Sony hack scandal when it was revealed that Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence were paid less than Jeremy Renner and Bradley Cooper for their work in American Hustle? Ultimately, one of the co-chairmen of Sony said it was — basically — because the actresses didn't ask to get paid more, but the actors did. (A lot of employers claim this is the reason why they pay women less than men, too).

Well, there's another Tinseltown pay gap scandal and this time it is centered around Wonder Woman. According to recent reports, Gal Gadot was only paid $300K for her starring role in this superhero flick… which seems awfully suspicious considering it's already made $438.5 million at the box office. While Gal still has the chance to put some more money in the bank due to back-end film profits, $300,000 for a multi-million dollar movie seems, well, absurd.

Wonder Woman‘s pay compared to the Man of Steel has been all anyone has been able to talk about, but we thought it might be ~illuminating~ to look at what some other Hollywood guys were paid for their lead roles in superhero films, too.

1. Henry Cavill for Man of Steel: $14M


While this is the #1 stat that is being spread to prove that Gal was totally effed over by DC Entertainment, it's unclear whether Henry was paid $14M upfront (which tbh, I'd doubt) or if this was his total earnings from the Man of Steel movie — including back-end compensation and box office bonuses. Finding his upfront salary has been incredibly difficult. Maybe that's for a reason.