Gail Simmons WIll Not Stand For Your Sexist Attitude

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gailsimmons_topchef6Top Chef contestant Mike Isabella pissed off lady viewers and sympathetic men everywhere Wednesday night when, upon getting his ass beat by fellow contestant Jen Carroll, he proclaimed that no woman should be able to open oysters faster than him. Judge Gail Simmons was also not at all pleased and addressed her displeasure in her blog:

…I was shocked and disappointed when I recently viewed this first episode and heard Mike Isabella’s sexist commentary. Hot-tempered and foulmouthed indeed. He may have cooked us a delicious dish, but his attitude left a bad taste in my mouth. For better or worse, my feelings about each chef’s personality will stay out of the kitchen and away from the Judges' Table. But would I have judged him differently had I seen this side of him in advance? I guess we will never know ….

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