Gabourey Sidibe Shares How She Pranked Jimmy Kimmel At His Own Wedding

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Gabourey Sidibe Shares How She Pranked Jimmy Kimmel at His Own Wedding gabourey sidibe kimmel 640x360 jpg

I don’t know if you’ve heard this about Jimmy Kimmel but he loves a good prank. And, as it turns out, he’s cool with being on the receiving end of a good prank too. Even if it goes down at his own wedding. On his show last night, we learned how Gabourey Sidibe teamed up with Jimmy’s wife Molly to give him a taste of his own medicine on their big day.

Gabourey shares that she became pals with Jimmy and Molly after she agreed to play Black Hilter on his show, always a good way to start a friendship. She says that before their 2013 nuptials, Molly called Gabourey and said she thought it would be funny if Gabourey walked down the aisle before her. Molly revealed Jimmy told her he was afraid he was going to cry at the wedding and she thought he would need a good laugh. She had previously made Jimmy swear it would be a prank-free wedding so he was truly not expecting anything. The prank also happened to be kept secret from everyone else at the ceremony so Gabourey says she when went down the aisle people had no idea what she was doing. She told Jimmy she was genuinely afraid she would be tackled from someone screaming “Not Molly’s day!” so she definitely earned some props for doing the prank. And it served it’s purpose of making Jimmy laugh as he said “it really was a spectacular moment.”

Obviously Jimmy and Molly went through with the rest of the wedding and now live in the wedded bliss that can only be achieved knowing your husband/wife is willing to prank you at any given moment.