This ‘Cups’-Inspired Vine Made Anna Kendrick Laugh, Which Is Really All You Need To Know

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Anna Kendrick Cups gif


Like any red-blooded American with ears and an admiration for all things adorable, I listen to Anna Kendrick's “Cups” song from Pitch Perfect approximately fourteen times a day. If I'm not listening to it on my computer or on the radio I'm listening to it on the handy-dandy iPod in my head. Or I'm listening to myself singing it while I'm doing anything from removing my Lean Cuisine from the microwave or putting a new sour cream carton in the refrigerator. So mostly food things. The one thing I haven't done is master that trick that she does with the titular cups. I might slap my hands on the nearest table and mime what I think she's doing, but I won't be pulling that move out on David Letterman's show any time soon. Or being on David Letterman's show any time soon, while we're at it.

A lot of people more dedicated than I have mastered Anna's trick, however, and they've been sharing it with the world in various forms, as you do in the 21st century, just like Zenon would have wanted. One of those forms is the Vine, which I have to admit I didn't really understand at first, mostly because it's like a cross between a GIF and a video and it has a time limit and that stresses me out. But I think I get it now, because this latest “Cups”-inspired Vine is what the medium (and possibly the whole Internet) was invented for. It's hilarious and carefree and a little weird, and if you don't trust my opinion you can just listen to Anna Kendrick. She shared the Vine on Twitter over the weekend and said it made her laugh.

What more do you want? A handwritten order from President Obama declaring it your national obligation to watch this and laugh at it? I didn't think so. So enjoy the Vine below. Much like this amazing “Blurred Lines” Vine, it might restore your faith in humanity's fun side. I don't want to spoil it for you, but I will say it involves a car, McDonald's, and screaming. Also known as my typical Friday night.