Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day: How Animals Eat Their Food

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How Animals Eat Their Food video stillWe're thinking of making this ‘your stupid laugh of the day' deal into a regular thing, so what better way to start out than with the video ‘How Animals Eat Their Food', from the YouTube channel Mister Epic Mann. It's not gonna be anything highbrow and insightful, so leave your tortoiseshell glasses where they are and don't worry about calling your graduate student brother-in-law afterward to get him to explain it to you, because he won't have to. It's nothing like that — nothing that's gonna curdle your brain at the end of the day. Nope, this'll just be the silly stupid video you've been craving all day. Not the stupid laugh of the day that we deserve, but the one that we need right now.

The concept is pretty simple: two guys sitting at a table, one of whom is eating his salad regularly throughout, and the other of whom is eating it like various different animals. The beautiful part of this is how straight-faced both of these guys are throughout. I can't decide who I like better — the main guy who does all the table-destroying animal stuff, or the other guy who somehow manages not to crack up all the way through it. He slips hilariously during ‘Kangaroo', when the other guy fills his pouch, kangaroo-kicks (obviously) the table and then falls into it ass first, but for the most part he just watches bemusedly, and I'm obsessed with it. They both also crack up at the very end, when the main guy bowls everything over as a rhinoceros, and it's all the more satisfying for them never having laughed for the rest of it. Also, salad? Excellent choice. Nothing quite as celebratory as a firework display of arugula while you pound your face into a plate dressed as a flamingo in a pink bodysuit. You're welcome.