Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day: Baby Goat Plays On Pig

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Goat plays on pig's back in video stillHere we are, everyone. We've reached that magical part of the day when I invariably tell you what free things I've eaten in the past eight hours (I've been referred to as a Roomba in the workplace, no big deal), and share with you some cheerful morsels about what I'm planning to do later. Because I know everyone cares as much as I do about my life. Probably more. ANYWAY. Guys we got free burgers at a meeting today. I ate an elk burger. A burger made of elk! With lots of spicy tastes on it. And cupcakes! Little tiny cuppies! And right after work I'm gonna go drink! Outside! Drinking outside you guys! SPRING IS HERE FALALALA! It's been a great day, so I think it's deserving of a great video. And not great in the traditional sense, but great in the really dumb sense. Like…so dumb that you can't believe you watched the whole thing but you still don't regret a single minute. That kind of great.

And I did it! I really did it this time! It's the perfect video! There's no dialogue, no music, no nothing. It's just a baby goat dancing around on a big fat pig. You can't beat that. You really can't. I watched it all the way through twice and cackled with glee because the goat is doing my favorite kind of jumps! How did it know I like those kinds of jumps so much? When you go straight up and you're almost surprised by it yourself? Cats do it, I've seen them. It also doesn't quite know how to walk and I have no idea what it thinks it's doing on top of that extraordinarily large pig, or why the pig doesn't seem to be bothered by its dancing goat hooves. But yes. This is the best. It gives me pure joy and I hope it never goes away. Happy Thursday, guys. CUPCAKE SUGAR HIGH.