This Keira Knightley & Jimmy Fallon Skit Is Way Funnier Than It Should Be

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Last night Keira Knightley appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to promote her new movie Anna Karenina. While I won’t see the movie because it’s probably really boring, I certainly was not bored by her musical abilities (or lack thereof).

Jimmy Fallon’s musical instrument game required Keira and Jimmy to play children’s songs on random instruments while their partners tried to correctly guess what they were playing. For some reason I could not stop laughing at Keira’s attempts to play “Row,Row, Row, Your Boat” on the violin.  Maybe it’s because I sympathize with her. I played the violin for a total of maybe one month in middle school and I know what it’s like to be awful at it.

Dave Matthews and Michael Bublé were the partners involved with this musical extravaganza. While I've always known Dave Matthews was a talented musician, I did not know he was a comedian. After Michael Bublé correctly guesses Jimmy’s Melodica rendition of “Old McDonald Had A Farm,” (I must say, his attempt isn't much better than Keira’s) Jimmy praises Michael for even knowing the song due to his Canadian roots. Dave Matthews—feigning anger at the loss—charges that that’s the Canadian National Anthem. Dave knows all, so I’m gonna have to take his word for it.

Check out the video below.

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