11 Amazing Group Halloween Costumes That No Other Group Will Do

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Halloween is so close that I can already feel the wing of an (oblivious) sexy angel stabbing me in the eye as I stand in line for the bathroom at a crowded party. While some of you chose your costumes months ago, others of you are still trying to figure out the perfect Halloween costume. While there's no shame in doing your own thing on All Hallow's Eve, there's also no shame in grabbing 2-100 of your closest friends and figuring out an awesome group costume. So check out some of the ideas below and prepare to crush(able) the competition as this year's Halloween party.

1. Taylor Swift's Men

Taylor Swift Smile


Are you a bunch of dudes looking for a costume that all the ladies will love? Well look no further than this one! It's simple, it's easy and it gives you a chance to show off your Harry Styles knowledge. And yes, he who picks the shortest straw has to go as John Mayer.

2. The Duggars

Jinger Duggar 19 Kids and Counting


Not only can every part of this costume be found at your local thrift store, but it can also accommodate up to 21 people!

3. The Cyrus Family minus Miley

Miley Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus Blah Blah


Sure, sure, there will be Miley Cyrus' everywhere you look this Halloween. But there won't be a Billy Ray Cyrus or a Tish Cyrus or a Noah Cyrus or…spooky, scary….a Trace Cyrus. The best part of this group costume is the fact that you can take photos with every, single Miley you see. And ooo boy, you'll see a lot!

4. The Characters from American Horror Story

American Horror Story Coven Mask


Because everyone else at your party should have the same nightmares that you do when you watch this show. While I won't tell you which season is the best season for Halloween, I will say that Asylum will probably go best with your behavior after a few drinks.

5. The Stages of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Smile Point


Our baby boy's all grown up this year! Celebrate his successful transformation from boy to monster by dressing up as every stage. Just make sure to call dibs on the diaper pants!

7. Famous Nip Slips

Tina Fey Shrug


Tina Fey, Tara Reid, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson…the options are endless for this fun ensemble costume. Now, I don't know what kind of party you'll be attending, so it's up to you whether you want to do a “nip slip” or a straight up nip slip. Either way, make sure to call it a wardrobe malfunction or a shadow or the light playing tricks on all the viewers eyes…and NEVER a nip slip.

8. The Ghosts of Characters from TV Shows That Ended This Year

Walter White Saul Goodman Breaking Bad We're Done


Let's take a moment to reflect on all the amazing shows that we've lost this year. Then take a moment to decide who gets to be dead Walter White and who gets to be dead Dexter and who gets to be dead Liz Lemon.

9. Everyone who Died on Downton Abbey in Season Three

Downton Abbey Judging You


Sexy dead Matthew, sexy dead Sybil, sexy dead Matthew's sperm. The list goes on and on and on. Sadly, the tears do the same. WHY DID THEY HAVE TO TAKE YOUNG MATTHEW?

10. The Amish Mafia

Esther Amish Mafia Talking

An opportunity to wear suspenders plus an opportunity to carry around dangerous weapons? Has a TV show every given us such a perfect costume before this? I think not.

11. Ryan Seacrest's Teeth

Ryan Seacrest Catherine Zeta Jones Nail Cam


Okay. Grab all your friends, dress in all white, roll around in glitter and then wrap yourself in white Christmas lights. Tah-dah! You're Ryan Seacrest's teeth!

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