The Fuller House Promotional Parade Is In Full Swing

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The Fuller House Promotional Parade Is In Full Swing GettyImages 465777989 jpg

Because ’90s nostalgia is the THING these days, Netflix is reviving Full House as a new show coming next year starring most of the original cast (save for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who are too busy being multimillionaires and fashion moguls to participate) and we’ve been hearing lots about it this summer.

Between Candace Cameron-Bure starting as one of The View’s latest co-hosts in a string of failed attempts to revive the squawk fest and John Stamos promoting his new Fox sitcom, Grandfathered, and trying to remain sober after a very bizarre DUI incident earlier this summer — the whole team is out to keep the buzz alive for Fuller House.

The Hollywood Reporter now says that Dave Coulier will appear as a guest star in an upcoming episode of Grandfathered. Of course he will. What else does that guy have going on? This revival of Full House is the best thing to happen to him since Full House.

They also let us know that (SPOILER ALERT, if you care that much) Bob Saget will have a cameo in the show’s first episode on September 29th. Color me shocked.

I know I just threw a shit ton of shade, but the truth of the matter is, I will definitely be tuning in to watch Grandfathered on the 29th. I love me some Stamos and I’ve got no shame in my game. And I will be, for sure, binge-watching Fuller House when it comes out. I basically love ALL of this except for Dave Coulier. Something about him makes my skin crawl. Team Stamos. Also, I just noticed that in this photo, Dave Coulier has a yogurt on his head. So there’s that.

(Photo: Mike Pont/FilmMagic)